Charoite Sphere

Charoite Sphere

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Hardness : Mohs scale 5
Origin : Russia
Chakra: Crown, Heart

Healing Benefits

  • Unleash creativity, getting rid of old fashion thinking and aid to let go of fears
  • Reminds us to act with kindness & compassion
  • Wear / place under pillow to Improve sleep, aid insomnia & promotes healthy sleeping habits
  • Opens mind to welcome knowledge
  • Clears negative karma
  • Regulate blood pressure & pulse rate


Charoite are rare gemstones that are found in Russia, Chara River in the 1940s. They’re purple/lavender is stone with iridescent swirls. Some of the Charoite have black spots called Aegirine and the flashy swirls are with feldspar inclusion. They’re known as one of the most powerful healing stone that converts negative emotion into positive actions.

You will receive one intuitively pick Charoite Sphere 30-35 mm